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Community activities are an important way to cultivate students' healthy personality development in college education.On the campus, we often see a group of club people full of youthful vigor and enthusiasm,sweating in the world of activities, feeling comfortable and happy, and that kind of expression cannot be obtained from schoolwork.

The main duty of students is to read, but the learning process is diverse,so in the field of college life, clubs and love are also regarded as compulsory credits.According to the findings of the business community, students who participate in clubs have better interpersonal relationships,better cooperation ability and social adaptability. So "choose what you love, what love chooses" becomes Chrysostom who does not regret. Therefore, learning to pay and facing challenges seems to be the common code of the community.

As far as the work of this group is concerned, the guidance and management of students'extracurricular activities is the most important business, and combining educational goals and strengthening service functions is our aim.  Be able to understand the process of plan formulation, implementation and assessment;guide the student activity center to plan large-scale school-wide activities to achieve the effect of entertaining and entertaining;train students' self-governance and self-discipline abilities, and cultivate the leadership of cadres; promote social service activities ,in order to improve the social atmosphere; use and subsidize the funds of the association;strengthen the certification service of the association passport;promote the observation of inter-school activities; and guide the editing and distribution of the publications of the association.

At present, there are 79 student associations in our school, including 4 autonomous associations,24 comprehensive autonomous department societies,10 research associations, 9 academic associations,13 recreational associations, 3 service associations, There are 13 sports clubs and 3 friendship clubs.The activity of the club is quite strong and can achieve good performance, which is the pride of inheritance and excellence.

People in the community have dreams and are obsessed with no regrets. With an enthusiastic heart,plan your time well, master your favorites, study hard, face challenges bravely, and overcome difficulties in order to enjoy the results.As the saying goes, if you want to gain something, you must first pay for the philosophy of life.This is the philosophy of life that grows best. I believe that the Peach Blossom Land is not far away.